What Happened to QuinnEbert.NET?


A few days ago, CloudFlare, a service which provides advanced caching and security services to QuinnEbert.NET, experienced a major bug in one of their content caching systems, resulting in a sustained outage to this and a number of other sites (I personally know of one other site that I frequent that has admitted to being hit by the same bug).  In similar style to the experiences of that other site’s owner, I wrongly assumed my web site was totally trashed, and got a bit ahead of myself by trying to reinstall WordPress without first verifying that I had working database backups.

For those of us who use WordPress, we know WordPress needs these database backups, to provide the content that we have so carefully assembled and entered into our sites.  So, unfortunately, some data from QuinnEbert.NET has been irrevocably lost (I have some database backups from earlier in the year, but, I still have yet to decide if I want to make the possibly dangerous choice to try and import them).  In the meantime, I am moving forward, trying to slowly re-build my content repertoire.  You’ll notice that the existing look and feel is already back in place, thanks to these being physical files on the server’s disk, but you’ll also find menus still nonexistent and content previously linked all over the place is no-more.  My first efforts here will be to try and restore or re-create my statistically-most-interesting stuff, after which, other content will be restored or re-created as I am able to do so.

Thanks kindly for your patience and understanding!
–Quinn Ebert

PS: I will not be restoring old papers/discussions from class, due to the amount of work that would require, so sorry about that.  I will, however begin re-posting discussions and papers from my next set of classes, which begin on June 13TH.

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