Integrate Stripe Payment Processor with Mal’s E-commerce using my NEW Stripe4Mal Package!


Thanks to a good friend of mine who suggested this, due to ongoing projects between us, we decided that we needed a non-PayPal way to accept credit cards for an e-commerce site we were working on putting together.  We were using Mal’s E-commerce for the cart solution, and we really liked Stripe Payment Processor, but nobody’s apparently found a way to link the two yet, or if they have, it’s not something they’ve made available publicly.

This changes today…  I present to you Stripe4Mal (direct download link to the package’s ZIP file).

Stripe4Mal is a PHP-based script, bundled with a self-written and illustrated (IE: screenshot graphics with generous textual description for my potential blind and visually impaired users), and even comes bundled with a copy of the Stripe API PHP library for your convenience when installing the Stripe4Mal package.

My hope is that this will be found useful by those with a strong desire to open a new online business or who wish to greatly improve the effectiveness of their business’s customer payment options.  I hope also that it will make at least one person successful in their endeavors, as an entrepreneur you have the power to help the world economy on its path to recovery, and for that I thank you and commend you!

Happy Selling!

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