Upcoming iPhone App: TigerPay


I am pleased to announce that I am waiting for Apple to approve my first iPhone/iPod OS app for inclusion into the iTunes App Store.  This app, called TigerPay, will allow you to leverage the Stripe payment processing service, to charge your customers’ credit cards, wherever your iPhone or iPod Touch has Internet access.

This app will be a welcome option to you, if you are a business owner.  The two following situations come to mind as great examples:

  • Independent on-site technical support and/or consultation provider (like myself) wishing to immediately collect customers’ payments.
  • Situations such as being a seller at a flea market, farmer’s market, or festival-type atmosphere where your business could benefit from immediately taking a customer’s credit card payment without your traditional desk and/or point-of-sale setup.

This is also a fantastic option if you were considering a traditional mobile credit card processor appliance.  Simply sign up for Stripe, fill out all their required account details, load the app on your iPhone or iPod (which I’m sure you already love) and take their payment.  Within about a week of each payment processing request on your part, Stripe sends the money to your bank account.  Furthermore, Stripe’s rates are incredibly competitive, and by supporting their service you fund a team of developers who make a payment processor that is easy to implement, user-friendly, and their team is always open and willing to listen to any feedback you may have.

As I’ve previously stated, this app is still pending approval by Apple.  Once the app is approved, I will, of course update my blog with an official release notice.

Thanks Kindly!

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