TigerPay: Credit Card Processing Terminal for your iPhone now available!


TigerPay is on App Store now at http://onj.me/29m

After much waiting and futzing around with Apple’s app approval process, I am pleased to announce, TigerPay is now available!  You can now use everybody’s favorite mobile phone as a mobile credit card processing terminal with a credit card processing service that genuinely has its users’ best interests at heart!

Again, for direct link to the App on the App store, see http://onj.me/29m

The app’s App Store description speaks for itself:

“TigerPay: Charge your Customers’ Credit Cards with Stripe”

TigerPay is the incredibly simple and cost-effective credit card processing terminal that runs right on your iPhone!

Using the independently-owned and extremely competitively-priced Stripe.com credit card processing service, you simply sign up for a free Stripe.com account and provide them with your payout information, then enter your Stripe.com API key into TigerPay. That’s all there is to it, after that, you’re ready to accept credit card payments.

If you’re an individual or small business owner who’s fed up with the lack of affordable ways to accept credit card payments, or if you’re looking for a better option for processing your customers’ credit card charges, TigerPay may be the option you’ve been looking for. Stripe’s free-to-use service only takes a very small (30 cents + 2.9 percent) per-transaction charge out of the transaction to cover their expenses, and within 7 days average, the proceeds are deposited to your bank account.

+ Transaction history
+ Options to refund (partial or whole) card charges
+ Native version for iPad

Please note that I originally submitted a different description to the App Store.  This is the version which should (hopefully) become active very shortly.

Once more, this app won’t appear in search for a few more hours probably, so the direct link you can use until it does show up is http://onj.me/29m

Happy selling!

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