Preview of Change Log from upcoming TigerPay update


Since a mixture of Apple dragging their heels and myself needing to stop the heel-dragging in the middle to upload a new copy of the app update is leading to yet more heel-dragging on the release of the update to TigerPay, I figured I’d whet my audience’s appetite for more information, and let loose with the (fairly short but still quite noteworthy) list of changes to be seen in the upcoming update…


+ Fixes an issue where charging an amount without a cents amount wasn’t charged correctly (was charged as cents instead of dollars).
+ Fixes issues with improper bottom tab bar icons and titles.
+ Fixes a minor problem that could result in certain improper dollar amounts with cents being passed onto Stripe for processing when we really should’ve caught them locally.

Again, I’m basically just waiting for Apple’s approval on the update to release it to the public, I hope this will happen within a week’s time. But we’ll just have to wait and see.


UPDATE #1: I flubbed on the auto-Tweet.  Let’s try this again. 😉

UPDATE #2: Remove the pre formatting tags from the change log.  It didn’t render properly in my site design.

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