TigerPay Next Update Preview: Integrated Customer E-mailing Functionality


Among other things lately, when I have some time, I am still chipping away at new and interesting things for TigerPay, with an update coming soon, sometime within a month (that’s what I’m aiming for).  The next update brings two extremely major feature introductions into the product:

  • History of transactions, and refunding of past transactions.
  • Integrated customer communications, starting with assisted receipt e-mailing.

This morning, I am pleased to present PREVIEW screenshots of the receipt sending feature, specifically the new setup tab created for it.  Internally, this feature does already function as intended, and (naturally) this tab and its controls are being developed with accessibility in mind…

Screenshot on the iPad:  (also tested on the new iPad!)

iPad Screenshot (iOS Simulator)

Screenshots on the iPhone:

iPhone Screenshot (iOS Simulator)iPhone Screenshot (iOS Simulator)

These screenshots, for the visually impaired among us, show the tab that is used to set up the user’s information.  This information is used to set up a form letter e-mail you can send (choice on a transaction-by-transaction basis) and edit per-transaction to send information (including receipt-type details) to your customers.

Again, look for more news on this update in the coming days and weeks, my target time to release the new version is within a month of this update.


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