Praise for my TigerPay user base!


I just wanted to take a brief moment (even though it’s a busy day), after looking at my reports for TigerPay sales performance, and thank all of the paying users of the app for their support!  If every user of TigerPay could tell just one of their business-owning friends about it, at this rate by itself, I would manage to break even on the investment in the Apple Developer subscription — but I am not worried about that — I just wanted to thank all of you who use the app to help make your businesses more productive, not to mention streamlined, and especially thanks to those of you who might view TigerPay as your business’s first way of accepting “mainstream” payments from your customers.

I wish to assure my user base that development of new features for TigerPay is continuing, and at present, my intent is to start breaking new feature introductions into more manageable “chunks.”  That way I can get these new features into your hands much more quickly than I’ve been able to in the past, but, without disrupting the stability of the core features of the app.

And, again, thank you for using TigerPay and supporting Stripe!

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