TigerPay v1.4.0 update is pending review by Apple…


I’ve just submitted the 1.4.0 update to the TigerPay app to Apple for review.  This version focuses on adding support for charging Canada-based cards (in the CAD currency) and adds two minor bug fixes to the receipt-emailing system.

ALSO!  Be sure to check out the newly-released TigerPayApp.com — it’ll be evolving right alongside the app with the ultimate end-goal being to provide the app’s users with better access to documentation, support, and other community resources.

As per usual, expect an update via my web site once Apple lets me “press the big red button” on the new update.

Oh, yes, one last thing: the next update (not this one) will be fully-tested on iPhone 5.  My provider has made a point of being slow about getting it delivered to me.


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