The latest on the most recent TigerPay update…


So, some of you may recall, I mentioned a pending-review update to TigerPay a little while back.  Well, due to an error on my part, a “hot fix” to that update that fixes a critical issue will, in fact, be the *actual* next update.  This means that, numerically, I am skipping releasing what I called version 1.4.0 and the next update that goes live will be 1.4.1.  I wish to apologize to folks (especially my prospective Canadian currency payment charging customers) for the delay, but trust me, you’ll be glad I caught the issue with 1.4.0 and decided to withhold it.

The plan is that, minutes after I post this news item, I will be submitting 1.4.1 to Apple for review.  Naturally, expect updates here once that update goes live on App Store.

Thanks again for my users’ patience and understanding!


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