What’s been going on, in brief…


As promised, here’s a quick rundown on what’s been going on the past year, a lot has changed for me (and a lot of this is for the better):

  • About a third of the way through last year I spent a short time working for SeroTekI will not be at liberty to discuss what I did there, unfortunately.
  • I am now working for Self Health Network, a healthcare solutions provider based out of San Francisco, CA.  I have been working there as a software engineer since mid-June and have recently also undertaken the responsibilities of DevOps.
  • Last, but certainly not least, as of August 13th I have moved out of my hometown of Greensboro, NC and am living now in Ithaca, NY (up by Cornell University).  This being said, as of this writing, I intend to spend the 2014 summer months back in Greensboro (with a return to Ithaca planned for the autumn)—and no—I am not a Cornell student! 🙁

Also on my mind: at some point, I want to write a proper bio page about myself for my web site, and it will happen eventually.  Keep an eye out for that. 😉


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