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For those following the news of me, you’ll know I’ve undergone a lot of exciting and interesting changes over the course of the past year, including moving to a new state, new business relationships, and more. I’ve also been finding that I’m finally reaching the point in my life (as many of my more-experienced industry peers have told me about) where the stress of freelancing in the industry is starting to take a toll on me and I think it would be beneficial to slightly distance myself from some of the rigors of it on at least a temporary basis.

I have not written a blog post about this (I drafted one but never published it), but those who follow my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn know that a few months ago I was let go from my job at Self Health Network (due to no fault of my own and with no bad feelings on my part—they went out of their way to ease my transition for which I am immensely grateful). I have returned to a more-managerial-but-still-quite-technical position at my previous employer, myLanguage; an environment where I’ve always felt very supported and quite comfortable working and which I hope to remain in for quite some time.

As I feel I otherwise have a reasonable degree of security at present, I am announcing that effective immediately, I will be somewhat reducing my time commitment to freelancing (this is subject to re-increase or further reduction in the future as events warrant).

How this will affect current clients:

1. This will not have any affect on clients of Beyond Hosting (at least so far as server support is concerned).
2. Emergency computer repairs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis at any time. I reserve the right to reject any of these jobs at any time for any reason, in case of a rejection, I will always refer to a reputable store or technician that can help you.
3. As opposed to a 5-morning-a-week work duty on freelance projects, I will be reducing to 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

At the time of this writing, I have no more (binding at least) contracts with committed due dates that are still in-force that will be affected by this change; as a result these new changes to availability will be taking effect immediately.

I greatly appreciate the patience of all my current and future clients while I work to try to better balance my personal and professional needs.

Thank you!

UPDATED 10:25AM US/Eastern time: I needed to clarify that I actually have some contracts with due dates in-force but they have already been arranged around this updated work schedule (side effect of drafting this post in advance).

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